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How We Completely Changed Our Organizational Culture in 12 Months

When I began my work as the CEO at SEG Saude Ocupacional, in mid 2013, I immediately perceived the great potential this company had. It was relatively small (and Dynamic), it had demonstrated decent growth in the previous year and its owner was open for change. The company had reached a stage in which it needed […]

Idea for Killer LinkedIn Mobile Feature

In the last 5 to 10 years, LinkedIn has become the place to be in the Internet for any businessperson. There are many great features in this professional social networking site, and I use it a lot. However, their mobile app is somewhat lacking. Don’t get me wrong, it is nicely designed, has all my […]

Gamification – Why it matters for Business

A very hot topic in the business world today is the growing trend of Gamification. This is a great tool, one that can significantly boost performance and motivation of clients, partners and employees, but one surrounded by misunderstanding. Many people think it means using video games for training purposes or providing sponsored video games for […]