Idea for Killer LinkedIn Mobile Feature

In the last 5 to 10 years, LinkedIn has become the place to be in the Internet for any businessperson. There are many great features in this professional social networking site, and I use it a lot. However, their mobile app is somewhat lacking.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nicely designed, has all my contacts, interesting news, etc., but somehow I don’t see myself using it very often. Actually, I think I opened it only 3 or 4 of times before writing this article.

However, during a recent situation, I had an idea for it to become much more useful. So, I am here to write about it: one new feature that might prove to be the killer feature for making the LinkedIn’s mobile app ubiquitous in any business meeting. I truly believe that, with this feature, a lot more people would be opening and using their LinkedIn mobile application, at least more often than it is done today.

The feature is: A Mobile Virtual Business Card

Just imagine for a moment: you are in a business meeting or event. You exchange business cards with several people. You will later need to enter their contact info into your contacts application and probably you will search for them in LinkedIn and add them as a contact.

I know, you can exchange vcards with them and there are some smartphones that you can “bump” and exchange contacts. However, these processes are still somehow complicated or limited to a few smartphones or manufacturers.

The LinkedIn mobile app could have a feature that would simplify this situation immensely. Just a QR code “link” card that makes exchanging contact details extremely easy.

Check the general idea in the presentation below.

As you saw, this would make exchanging LinkedIn and contact information very easy. However, I believe it needs to accompany an overhaul in LinkedIn tagging system.

My account is already filled with contacts that I don’t remember exactly where I met. I normally do not add strangers but I often receive several invitations after business meetings and, as I might be willing to make some business with them in the future, I accept the connections.

After every successful connection, in the web or on mobile, you should be presented to an option of tagging the new contact. LinkedIn already has a tagging system but, today, it is not a part of the connection process. Currently you have to ask to connect (or accept) a new connection and, when connected, you have to remember to go to your connections screen, find the new contact amongst all your other connections, and then tag it. Too cumbersome to be used effectively.

Nevertheless, here it is: the suggested feature of Mobile LinkedIn Cards that, in my opinion, when implemented with a better tagging system, will significantly boost the adoption of LinkedIn mobile app and make life a lot easier for us business people.